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Janine Mehner
Janine Mehner

Host, Master of Ceremonies,

Nadia Boegli
Nadia Boegli

Jobs with purpose

Twitter: @nadiaboegli

Bettina Pelz
Bettina Pelz

Light in Fine Arts

Beyza Unal
Beyza Unal

Cyber & WMD policy

Twitter: @beyzaunal

Mareice Kaiser
Mareice Kaiser

Inclusion & Empowerment

Twitter: @mareicares

Stefanie Söhnchen
Stefanie Söhnchen

Online communication strate...

Twitter: @steffisoehnchen

Veronica Valeros
Veronica Valeros

Cyber Threats Research

Twitter: @verovaleros

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So we encourage our speakers and event organizers to support each other and help speakers to improve their performance.

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We feel strongly about a balanced representation of men and women* on stage. We encourage women* to become more visible in their profession and field of expertise.

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About us aims to increase the visibility and participation of women* at (but not limited to) conferences, panels and talk shows.
Organizers and hosts can find experts, who gladly (and competently) share their knowledge.
women* can register in our database with the topics they are interested in covering, and can add references to their abilities. >> more

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