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Current Topic: International Day for Biological Diversity

Female Experts on the Topics of Biodiversity and Environmental Policy, Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation

Anna Schunck
Sustainability Green Lifestyle
Jennifer Bansard
International climate policy
Lia Polotzek
wirtschaft und umwelt
Adeline Fischer
Petra Moser
stressmanagement mit achtsamkeit
Antje von Broock
klima- und naturschutz

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Manuela Kropp
transport, energy
Friederike Oehlerking
Data Storytelling
Christina Moser
futures resilience
Kira-Friederike Brüxkes
Career and Leadership
Marina Kraus
UX/UI Design & Digital Creator
Marie Bröckling
Criminal justice + propaganda
Miriam Janke
Tech and Sustainability
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