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Current Topic: 50 Years of Women's Suffrage in Switzerland

Female Experts on the Topics of Women's Suffrage and the Women's Movement, Equal Rights, Gender History and Women's Politics

Dr. Antje Schrupp
Brigitte Hornyik
Barbara Streidl
Women's and familiy politics
Carola Schede
Dr. Gabriele Kämper
gender mainstreaming
Dr. Dorothee Beck
Women in Politics and Media
Yvonne Everhartz
neue rechte
Maria Bühner
Queer in East Germany
Dr. Jana Günther
Social Movements and Protest

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Samira Gruber
Additive Manufacturing
Anja Falke
Plastics Technology, Tolerance
Carolin Seeger
Business and human rights
Katharina Warda
East Germany, racism, classism
Martina Schlager
Digitaler Change and Strategy
Mia Heresch
Equality & Media
Elizabeth Calderón Lüning
Urban digital sovereignty
Kathi Groll
Techno House Mitteldeutschland