Céline Keller

Themenschwerpunkt: Utopia / Dystopia

Twittername: @krustelkram

Webseiten/Blogs: http://www.krustelkram.com/utopian-dreaming/

Sprache/n: Deutsch, Englisch

Stadt: Frankfurt

Land: Deutschland

Themen: künstliche intelligenz, change, popular culture, cyborgs, artificial intelligence, science fiction, fredric jameson, mark fisher, utopia, donna haraway, sylvia wynter, zombies


My main topic is getting humanity's imagination out of its contemporary jail of either a blissed out faith in technology or a defeated, hopeless belief in future dystopias. My main go to minds for help with this daunting task are Sylvia Wynter and Fredric Jameson. No matter what the problem at hand, economics, racism, the climate catastrophe, I am convinced that what keeps us in our paralysed state is a failure of imagination, changing perspective and telling different stories.
In my recent presentations I talked about the implications of this lack of imagination investigating a wide range of topics like economics, copyright and patent policies, artistic activism, artificial intelligence, the singularity and transhumanism. I work on reclaiming utopian thinking as the critical tool it was invented for, against the anti-utopianism, that misdefined Utopia as a blue print and the cynical technological "utopianism" of the recent decades.
Provided I get a couple weeks for investigation, I am open and would be delighted to use my critical utopian lens, to think and write about topics I haven't yet spoken about.

Vorträge / Referenzen:

TheArts+ Frankfurt Book Fair: The Golden Age of Creativity

I was invited to present and take part in a panel about IP exploitation and the creative industries.
It wasn't recorded but you can read what I had to say.


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Silly Dreams to Fight The Absurd

A transcript of my presentation for Utopia, Now! The sixth symposium of the Imaginaries of the Future Leverhulme International Research Network, Chelsea College of Arts, London, 29th- 31st August 2017
You can find a audio recording of my presentation here:


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