Andie Katschthaler

Themenschwerpunkt: Non-visual branding

Twittername: @thegrumpygirl


Sprache/n: Englisch, Deutsch

Stadt: Vienna

Land: Österreich

Themen: blogging, blog training, branding, non-visual branding, mental health, adhd, copywriting, adhs, freelancing, lgbt*, writing, moderation von veranstaltungen


As an independent communications consultant, I help startups and solopreneurs figure out their non-visual branding. I strongly believe that one of the key elements in writing for others is discovering your voice and using it in the right way in order to reach your target group.

As a blog coach, I help people (freelancers, blogger, startups,…) improve their content creation process, including drafting and editing. I use transparent editing methods to teach them how to do the whole process on their own.

I’m also a mental health advocate and have started an awareness project called Taboola Rasa, which will feature interviews with those who are ready to speak up about their experiences with mental health. I believe that, in order for people to be able to get help without experiencing shame, it’s important to break the taboo and talk about mental health openly.

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