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Ulrike Rausch

Type Design
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My name is Ulrike Rausch and I specialize in handwriting fonts that actually look like the real thing.
My passion for hand-made designs was sparked by a semester of studying painting abroad in Florence, Italy. My OpenType feature nerdiness and my obsession with perfectly engineered fonts are the result of few semesters in Luc(as) de Groot’s type design class at the Potsdam University of Applied Science.

I founded my own independent type foundry called LiebeFonts in 2009 with a handful of fun pictogram fonts. My first proper typeface, LiebeErika, was well-received by the audience and enabled me to become a full-time type designer in 2011.

LiebeFonts creates nice typefaces and hand-crafted letterings with a charming personality and obsessive attention to detail.

Meine Vorträge / Referenzen:

Brush Ink & Code – The Making of a Font

Talk at TYPO Berlin, International Design Conference

Ulrike’s talk topic:
Most people expect type designer Ulrike Rausch is sitting down with pen and paper to design her fonts. But actually, getting from the first drawings to a working font is not a purely analog process but rather a pretty geeky software endeavor.
In her talk, Ulrike shows how she designs typefaces and how she builds fonts. Ulrike will also demonstrate how nerdy OpenType programming adds just the right analog touch to her handwriting style.

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Deutsch

Boon and Bane of OpenType Features

TYPO Labs conference aims to connect font engineers and practitioners with OS developers, CSS experts and academics.

Ulrike’s talk topic:
OpenType features are awesome! They add that little something that makes the difference and enable fonts to really shine.
Yet, these badass superpowers are often restrained due to missing support and unpleasant applicability.
In her talk Ulrike will share advanced tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the OpenType feature syntax and demonstrates what to bear in mind when it comes to the implementation within layout software.

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Englisch

Ladies, Wine & Design Conference in Berlin

Dieser Vortrag ist auf: Englisch