Tracey Benson

Interdisciplinary artist, writer and producer

Main focus: Inclusive interspecies design

Twitter handle: @bytetime

Websites/blogs: , ,

Languages: English

City: Yarun (Bribie Island)

Country: Australia

Topics: place making, walking as art practice, online engagement, digital art, analytics, ux, online activism, digital storytelling, social media

Services: Talk, Moderation, Workshop management, Consulting, Coaching, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.

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Dr Tracey M Benson is an Australian based interdisciplinary artist, UX designer, researcher and founder of Treecreate. She is passionate about more-than-human design and bridging the links between western ways of thinking with experiential and interconnected knowledge.

Tracey works at the nexus of media arts, digital transformation, ecological systems and citizen empowerment. Her work focuses on issues related to belonging, place, wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour change. Walking is central to her creative practice exploring locative and augmented media tools to engage audiences to see their places with fresh eyes.

Her work has been extensively presented internationally in media arts festivals and exhibitions. With a passion for understanding different knowledge systems and engaging audiences, she often collaborates with Indigenous communities and Elders, knowledge keepers, technologists and scientists. She lectures internationally and holds adjunct positions at University of Canberra, a sessional academic at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is an Advisor for the TransArt Institute.

Tracey most recently co-designed and facilitated the international program Meeting of the Waters: Locative Media Oceania in collaboration with Supercluster, hosted by the Centre for Applied Water Science at University of Canberra. She is listed as an expert with the Australian Academy of Science for her work on citizen engagement and behaviour change around energy and household sustainability.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Connecting to the Onewater

An introductory session for the Reading Water program hosted by Supercluster.
27th October 2022

This talk is in: English
On Connection – for Delta Lives 2022

A talk about the Delta Lives project where Treecreate was a partner.
June 2022

This talk is in: English
Flows of Connection: ISEA 2022 with Geert Vermeire (video edited by Fred Adam)
Video Thumbnail

A discussion on Water and the 2021 collaborative program Meeting of the Waters : Locative Media Oceania
June 2022

This talk is in: English