Bettina Palazzo

Main focus: diskriminierung

Languages: German, English, French, Italian

Country: Switzerland

Topics: leadership, corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, code of conduct

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Corporate Value Statements? How to make them work!

Corproate value statements are often not much more than orgies of humanistic prose on shiny paper. And still if values are managed in the right way, they can influence our behavior and guide our decisions. Values can be like wings that that lift us to do amazing things together. So if values can do so many good things for you, why is it difficult to stick to ethical values in business? In this talk I will explore some powerful psychological dynamic that make it challenging to live your values in organizations and what we can do about it.

This talk is in: English

Since #metoo everyday discrimination and sexual harassment have reached a new level of consciousness. These behaviors are not exceptions, but endemic. Of course, we need massive change in the organizations, but this takes time and there is also a part that women can do better when they are confronted with this demeaning behavior.
Still today women tend to not speak up or share their discriminatory experiences – often with good reasons. But this makes it so much harder to learn from each other and unite our forces.
In this interactive keynote or workshop, we will play a game that uses the power of storytelling in order to start a conversation about discrimination and sexual harassment that motivates participants to share their own stories.
We will explore powerful strategies of smart defense and kick-ass assertiveness that will put the “bad guys” in their place without turning them into your enemies.

This talk is in: English
Swisscom Dialog Arena Ticinino

«La tecnologia dei dati avanza troppo velocemente per avere una legislazione adeguata. Pertanto le imprese che integrano sin d’ora la dimensione etica nel loro processo decisionale, eviteranno scandali e tanti altri rischi. Una solida e critica etica digitale diventerà un vantaggio competitivo».

This talk is in: Italian