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Fabienne Schwab

Chemistry & Environment
My bio:

Chemist (Ph.D. ETH Zurich 2012) with an interest in biology, working in the field of environmental nanotechnology.

Qualifications & Interests:
o Nanomaterial and micropollutant transport and fate in the environment.
o Bioinspired nanomaterials science and engineering, biogeochemistry.
o Plant, phytoplankton, and fungi (nano)ecotoxicology, mixed toxicity, multiple stressors.
o Advanced analytical applications of electronmicroscopy and tomography.

Previous Interests:
- phytopathogenic fungi
- in silico molecular protein-ligand interactions

If my schedule allows it, I am happy to give a talk or keynote lecture about any of the above scientific topics. I especially enjoy explaining my research to non-experts or scientists in other fields. For talks outside Switzerland I will need travel reimbursement.