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Jana Ahrens

The future of fashion
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I write and discuss about fashion, design objects and the situations of modern live. My blog serves as a publication on aesthetic action. I’m not so much interested in beautiful objects but in the beauty of their circumstances.

My favourite opportunities to talk so far:

At The Hive Conference I spoke about the sustainable wardrobe (EN). A term coined by Vanessa Friedmann, fashion director and chief fashion critic at New York Times. She used it to describe a new way of caring for style and clothes aside from trends. Another favourite opportunity a chance to speak with design students at Burg Giebichenstein, Halle and at the University of Applied Science in Berlin about strategies of self-portrayal specifically for designers on the internet.

I love to bring up questions and build associative networks of information around them to zero in on a certain topic and to make it palpable. I'm confident that this strategy leaves an opening for listeners to adapt everything said to their personal experiences. In that way my talks are not only about storytelling but also about conveying approaches, methods and strategies to takle contemporary tasks and problems.