Pia Dolesch

Journalist & presenter

Main focus: Power of language & journalism

Languages: English, French, German

City: Paris

Country: France

Topics: intercultural communication, identity in foreign language, power of language

Services: Talk, Moderation, Interview

  Willing to travel for an event.


I'm a trilingual journalist reporting and writing about sports, fashion, economics as well as medical technology.

As i graduated not only in media reporting but also in intercultural communication, my focus lies now on the power of language and cultural differences in journalism . The languages I'm specialized in are French, German and English.

So far, I have worked internationally as a field reporter, TV presenter, editor and chairperson . I have also gained professional experience as project manager and scriptwriter in the production of 6 short films in collaboration with Austrian hospitals, and as translator for the Parisian company Brand Développment.