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Stefanie Kegel

Social cognition in UX/CX
My bio:

Stefanie Kegel has over 10 years of experience in shaping interactions between people and technology. She is currently researching the role of social cognition in user/customer experience, as she is convinced that technology should behave politely towards people - and adapt to people in communication - not vice versa.
In 2011 she founded her own design studio "The Geekettez" with her business partner. Since then they have been conceptualizing and designing digital products for their international clientele, consisting of companies and organizations in the field of art & politics as well as for various agencies.
In her spare time Stefanie studies psychology on a part-time basis and organizes the Berlin chapter of "Ladies that UX", a global community for women working in the field of user experience. She founded the Berlin Chapter at the end of 2016 and today leads a community with over 1000 members.

Examples of previous talks / appearances:

Friend or foe? Lessons learned from human-to-human interaction: Human centered design with social perception in mind.

How could our knowledge of social perception in human-to-humans interaction help us in human-computer interaction to create human centered design products ?

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Intercultural Aspects in Interface Design (2016)

Know who you are targeting

This talk is in: English

It's all about Communication, Baby / HCI made easy (2011)

Wie schaffen wir es aus puren Control Panels Interfaces/Systeme mit etwas mehr Persönlichkeit zu machen?

This talk is in: English

Storytelling as a Design Tool (2011)

Short Introduction on how to use film-like stories as a User-Centered Design Method

This talk is in: English