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Ulrike Thalheim is an avid member of Berlin's Open Data community since 2014 when she joined the OK Lab. She also serves as one of its 5 co-lab leads. The OK Lab Berlin is one out of more than 20 Open Knowledge Labs around Germany that are all combined together as Code for Germany. Her main interests are digital solutions around migration, election data and fostering a welcoming community.
In 2015, she became involved in digital refugee support as she started listing apps and other digital projects that aimed to enhance the situation of refugees and supporters. Since then, she is a member of the metacollect core team that seeks to build up an open data database of all related projects and sharing it with other likeminded websites and data bases. This year, she also very excited about improving the availability and usability of election data.
Ulrike studied political and administrative sciences in Konstanz, Barcelona and Warsaw. She is currently working in the digitization thank tank iRighs.lab and in market research.

Ulrike has expertise in the following topics:
- Open Data and use cases in Germany
- digital civil society projects
- digital refugee aid